We Have Keys

I went by my new flat Monday morning to pick up the keys and do the walkthrough. It was a good Bastille Day. First off, it was much bigger than I’d remembered, and in somewhat nicer shape. The kitchen will need less work than I’d remembered. There is no counter space, but a giant, very 1950’s cabinet on the wall opposite the refrigerator so I don’t need any under-counter storage, and I’ll probably just get a table or butcher’s block to stick in the 120cm between the refrigerator and the oven to act as a counter. No need to bother with trying to have a breakfast nook in there, though I have the space, because while the kitchen has a balcony (which I’d not noticed before) and a very nice view of the street, it’s not nearly the view I have out the living (and dining) room windows. Pictures still to follow. I took a camera yesterday, but the fog was in.

The landlord's nice, which is always a plus, especially when he lives in the building. 
I'm still staying at the flatshare in Hirslanden, because I have no furniture, and the hardwood floor, while beautiful, is hard, and wooden. Furniture here, it turns out, is like furniture in the United States: it is either used, it is expensive, or it is crap. Actually, that's not quite the case. The bedding is completely different. There do not seem to be any such thing as box springs (there are a needlessly wide variety of somewhat springy slat-like suspension systems) and the mattresses seem to be primarily made of different types of plastic foam glued and slotted together in various terribly complex arrangements. All except the cheap ones. The cheap ones are essentially 12 cm polyurethane foam blocks with 2cm cotton pads on top, and still cost 400 francs a go.
Taking the day off tomorrow to go buy furniture. Wish me luck coming in on time and under budget.
Brian Trammell
Brian Trammell
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