In Which Your Correspondent Suddenly Remembers He Has a Blog

The last month or so has been a bit of a whirlwind. There’s the travel: I finally used the Halbtax card I bought to escape the rain in June and hopped a train to Neuchâtel, then back for a day before business in Valbonne (via Nice, dinner in Cannes), after which I was back in town for a long weekend before flying back out to Vienna, then back here for a week and a bit before flying next Tuesday to San Diego for my stepsister’s wedding. There’s the work: a document I’ve been working on since I started here went out Friday, and I spent the weekend mostly clearing the Things I Said I’d Do Before Going To San Diego deck. There’s the sport: Mel showed me a nice short loop around the lake easily doable in two and a half hours with a relaxing three-franc boat ride in the middle, and I’m a wall climber again, this time for real because I’m in better shape and frankly, it’s a better wall. There’s the learning: classes started Thursday, and I’ve been meeting with a couple of native Swiss Germans relatively frequently to speak German poorly. (By which I mean I speak German poorly. I’m pretty sure they know what they’re doing. I can’t tell, of course, because I speak German poorly.) There’s the furniture shopping: three trips to Dietlikon in the past month, with at least one coming up next, and the apartment’s about 50% done (next up: art). And there’s the fun: the month-long I Live Here Now and Finally party which is just now starting to slow down, exploring Zurich with friends new and old, finding cheap(ish) good Indian food, good Swiss food, good South African food (mmmm that’s good gnu), freaky good vegetarian everything, bars with good live Swiss rock, bars with tweaky DJs, and the old favorite biweekly expat drink-a-thon at the Talacker (always highly recommended before a 6am flight to a 9am meeting). 

This will probably be the only post for this month; stay tuned for rambling posts in October on the nature of safety in Switzerland, the nature of winter in Switzerland, probably some random whining about Sarah Palin and Ben Bernanke, and what it was like coming back to the United States for a week after four months away.
Brian Trammell
Brian Trammell
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