What Kind of Bureaucracy Are You Dealing With?

In German, there’s a word for an organization which takes its mission very seriously but is adorably incompetent at it: “Kaninchenzüchterverein” (lit. “rabbit-breeding club”). There’s another word for an organization which is bad at what it does because nobody cares: “Saftladen” (lit. “juice shop”).

Wir stücken früh

So, I apparently now how to speak German now, at least a bit. Finished the first course this week, passed the final, did quite well aside from the fact I thought that “frühstücken” (to breakfast) was separable (“Ich stücke heute nicht früh.”) which it isn’t (“Ich frühstücke heute nicht.”) This means “I don’t eat breakfast today,” which, depending on your definition of “breakfast” and what time of day it is right now, may or may not actually be true.