Another year, another website, redux

Wasting time at Christmas by burning the site to the ground and starting over seems to be a tradition around here…

A Degenerate Binary Tree

Shamelessly inspired by Alexander Calder, who I followed from Atlanta to Pittsburgh to Zürich, and inexpertly crafted from stuff I found at Migros, I present my first attempt at a mobile. (And for those of you who have not yet heard, yes, this commission has a customer: we’re expecting a daughter in a few weeks. We won’t be boring the Internet at large with piles of baby pictures, though.)

2013 in Review

It’s a good thing that keeping the blog up to date wasn’t actually a resolution of mine for last year, because I did as well as, well, one usually does with one’s New Years’ resolutions. So here’s all the stuff I didn’t post last year.

Die Hauptstadt der Vergangenheit

I’m packing for a trip to Memphis, for what will probably be the last time in the foreseeable future. I can’t really say that I’ll miss it. It’s a great place to be from, I guess, and the instant Elvis-and-Jack-Daniels association it has in the eyes of Europeans has started many an interesting train conversation. But most everyone I know, save a couple of friends and a pile of Facebook acquaintances, has moved on. My mother was a compelling reason to book a flight, but she’s gone now, too, and my stepfather moved shortly thereafter to San Diego. Even the Last Cat Standing in the ten year battle over the house has found a new home. All that’s left is the house itself, full of stuff. Most of this stuff is future garbage, if it isn’t already present garbage, which I’m off to dig through in order to find the small bits that aren’t. This is doubly weird, as Memphis is basically the capital of my past, and it’s pretty much impossible to travel there without also traveling in time.

grüezi, y’all

Welcome to, yet another in a long line of periodically updated versions of my web presence. This is all somewhat under construction, as is everything, always. The old weblog, My Ridiculously Circuitious Plan, has been incorporated into the archives here (as of December 2013).

Welcome to 2009

Happy New Year, all! 2009’s turning out to be a good one. So far, I’ve learned how not to play the digiridoo and how not to ski. At this rate, I’ll have learned how not to do about 240 new things by the time the year’s out.

Once More Onto the Blog

All right. Let’s try this a fourth time then, shall we? I've had a long and incredibly sparse career as a blogger. I was a bit late to the game, starting my first one, Elmer and Bellefonte, on the twenty-third of August, two thousand one, largely for the purpose of hearing myself rant about various topics of high geekdom. It's no longer online, which is no great loss as the only real post of any note on it was a long one, entitled Ramblings on the American Response, dated the twentieth of September of that year, in which among other things I expressed concern that "