A Degenerate Binary Tree

Shamelessly inspired by Alexander Calder, who I followed from Atlanta to Pittsburgh to Z├╝rich, and inexpertly crafted from stuff I found at Migros, I present my first attempt at a mobile. (And for those of you who have not yet heard, yes, this commission has a customer: we’re expecting a daughter in a few weeks. We won’t be boring the Internet at large with piles of baby pictures, though.)

2013 in Review

It’s a good thing that keeping the blog up to date wasn’t actually a resolution of mine for last year, because I did as well as, well, one usually does with one’s New Years’ resolutions. So here’s all the stuff I didn’t post last year.

The Light at the End

[Dupont Circle, Washington DC, 6 October 2011 Perhaps it is hasty to simply dismiss the swamps of the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers as blighted by the pernicious lies spewing forth from the numerous bullshit factories lining their banks. There is beauty to be found there after all.

Portrait of a Coffee Machine

Stuck at home this weekend: doctor said stay off a rather badly twisted ankle, not from snowboarding in Arosa, but from falling down the damn stairs in Bahnhof Chur after snowboarding. The upside is I’ve got a nice new lens to play with, so I’ve been shuffling and lurching around the flat taking photos of anything that doesn’t move. Have also finally made some progress on re-sorting my backlog of photos that goes back to Pittsburgh, so look for new stuff to show up on Flickr over the next weeks.

An Alpine Sunrise

One advantage of the fact the sun doesn’t rise ‘til eight in the morning here these days is you can drag out of bed at the usual time and see something like this without any effort.