Brian Trammell

Brian Trammell

Scientist, Synthesist, Cyclist, SRE


Who am I?

I’m an American-Swiss geek of several trades living in Wallisellen, Switzerland. I’m a proud father, amateur electronic musician, photographer, avid cyclist, sometime kayaker, and occasional home brewer. My research interests lie in Internet architecture, Internet measurement, and the evolution of Internet protocols.

I’m active in the Internet engineering and operations community, where I co-chair:

I’m currently working as a Site Reliability Manager at Google, where my team looks after aspects of Borg, Google’s cluster operating system.

  • BS Computer Science, 2000

    Georgia Institute of Technology

Recent Posts

Recent Publications

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(2018). Tracing Internet Path Transparency. In TMA 2018.


(2017). TinyIPFIX for Smart Meters in Constrained Networks. RFC 8272.


(2017). Challenges with Reproducibility. In ACM SIGCOMM Reproducibility 2017.


(2017). copycat - Testing Differential Treatment of New Transport Protocols in the Wild. In ANRW 2017.


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Site Reliability Manager
Mar 2019 – Present Zürich
Senior Researcher
Jun 2010 – Jan 2019 Zürich
Member of the Board
Mar 2014 – Mar 2020 The Internet
Hitachi Europe SAS
Jun 2008 – May 2010 Zürich
Technical Lead, Engineering
Aug 2002 – May 2008 Pittsburgh