Another year, another website, redux

Wasting time at Christmas by burning the site to the ground and starting over seems to be a tradition around here…

…and far be it from me to argue with tradition.

I didn’t post a single thing to my rebooted-five-years-ago blog last year. 2016 was kind of a rough year, on which more later, but I’d like to think this is mainly because I’ve been doing more productive things with my time than blogging about the end of the world, tempting though that often was. I’ve rebooted the site to give a fuller picture of what I’ve been up to of late. Most of this has been professional, but the beer’s coming along nicely, too.

Details for geeks: I’ve ditched Wordpress for Hugo and Apache for nginx. Markdown and GitHub make a better backend for blogging than MySQL and a WYSIKWYG editor in the browser. The conversion from Wordpress has a couple of rough spots that I’ll be fixing piecemeal over the coming $long_time_interval. The nginx thing was more of a whim.

Brian Trammell
Brian Trammell
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